You Made WellSpent a Success!

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When we first launched WellSpent, we hoped it would help lots of people improve their spending habits. We weren't expecting an overnight success story. All we wanted was a great user experience.

Fast forward a year and we're glad to report that WellSpent has been doing fabulously in the past few months! We wanted to take a moment to share a few of its accomplishments so far:

  1. Over 35,000 savvy spenders have downloaded WellSpent.
  2. Collectively, over 70,000 individual budgets have been created by all of you!
  3. WellSpent has hit the top 10 apps in iTunes several times (finance category).
  4. You can now sync your budgets across multiple iPhones!
  5. Our newest feature - the ability to rearrange your budgets (new feature:

We have throughly enjoyed receiving your positive feedback and suggestions. We appreciate your reviews in the App Store and all the interactions we've had with you in social media!

We're committed and very excited to keep building up WellSpent so that it continues to be an extremely useful and simple-to-use financial tool. Its main objective will always be to make it easy and fun to stay within your budgets.

We plan to implement many of your suggested features in the next few months. We also have other new and exciting updates to share with you, and we'll do so throughout this year.

Here's to you, WellSpenders! To your phenomenal support and to another successful year! Thank you for helping make WellSpent a success!

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