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It seems like everyday a new article is popping up about how crucial communication is to relationships, all sorts of relationships.

Whenever we are required to work together to accomplish something, we need to be able to communicate effectively. This is where we believe WellSpent Sync can help.

How many times do you sit down, make a budget, promise to stick to it, and then before the month is over it seems like a bust? I know this happened a lot in our relationship. So what good is a budget if you can't stick to it?

Riley and I have very different spending styles. I am a planner. I will look for the best price, even if it takes a long time. He is an impulse shopper. He decides he wants something, and goes and gets it. Time is money to him. His spending style can bug me and my spending style can bug him (but we still love each other haha). We really need to communicate and make sure we are on the same page if we want to stick within our budget.

Stephen Lovell, a certified financial planner with Lovell Wealth Legacy in Walnut Creek, Calif. said, "You need to be aware of the other person's attitudes about money and realize that your own aren't universal. Everyone needs to be on the same page and after the same goals for the budget to be successful."

WellSpent Sync allows you to do just that. Wether you are working with business partners, friends, church members, family members, spouses, or roommates, you need to be on the same page. Sync up on your devices and enjoy the peace of mind you get when you know you are working together, successfully.

Sitting down and talking through a budget is a great start, but communicating about it all month long is the key. Let WellSpent Sync do the talking and you can focus on the spending.

Using WellSpent Sync can make sure that every dollar you spend with your friends/family/coworkers, can be a dollar WellSpent.

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