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I used to use a program that you would set up with your bank accounts and it would keep track for you on what you were spending and where. It was ok, but there were three things I didn’t like, the fact that my bank and credit card information was “out there” on another site, I still didn’t feel any more aware of my spending, and what about cash?

I was recently a victim of fraud. They didn’t have to steal my debit card to use it, just my info. It could have been from shopping at stores, shopping online, or using my card to pay bills, the bank didn't know. What they do know is that it is happening at an alarming rate. There are so many places we put this information, trusting that they are secure, but then something like this happens, and in a matter of minutes someone steals hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It takes weeks to sort it out and hopefully get your money back. Going through the process of canceling cards, waiting for new ones and the paperwork and questions....it’s a mess. I really want to keep my personal bank information separate whenever I can. I think WellSpent gives you everything those other apps do, but it also gives real security and peace of mind.

I also didn’t like the fact that I was still just swiping my card. I wasn’t paying any more attention to my budget than that. With WellSpent, I am much more conscious of what I am spending. My husband and I are linked up, so when one person spends something and puts it in the app, the other one knows. There is no wondering what the other person has spent and how much is left. I am more aware of what is left to spend now, so when I swipe my card, or pay with cash, I am confident that I am within my budget.

If you aren’t using a card, those other sites are not going to work. There are many people who are on a cash budget, and WellSpent works just as well for you as for anyone else. It is great to know, that whether I use a credit card, debit card, or cash, I can budget it all in the same budget with ease!

I love WellSpent. It is flexible, secure and easy. I am staying within my budgets and feeling so good!

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