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In a time when we rarely get to physically hold our earned income, it’s very easy to swipe our debit cards or write checks and have our bank account shrink without us even noticing.

It’s very difficult to have a sense of how much money we have spent when we are dealing with intangible money and countless transactions. We go grocery shopping, we get gas for our vehicle, and then we stop to grab a bite to eat before heading home to rent a movie and enjoy our evening. We’ve spent quite a bit of money in a few hours and without a way to track it all, we are bound to end up short in cash by the end of the month.

This is where WellSpent comes in.

With this expense-tracking app, you are able to create different budgets you want to track and you also decide how much money each budget has. In other words, you get to decide how to keep your money WellSpent!

You keep on making that fantastic choice every time you check WellSpent before you make any purchases and by recording your transactions. This is like having cash envelopes and seeing how much money you have available before you spend money.

Using WellSpent will help you learn quite a bit about the way you spend your money. You’ll think twice before allocating money somewhere it does not belong. It is possible that you will still go over your budgets, but you will decide how much you go over by. You will be in complete control of where your money goes!

Our app’s goal is to help you keep your money WellSpent by helping you learn more about your spending habits as you keep track of each of your transactions.

Manually keeping track of where your money goes will change the way you spend your money from day one!

Do you want to save some money this week? Would you like to spend your money more wisely this week? Then I invite you to download WellSpent right now, create a few categories for your budgets, and get started! 

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