Save $20 a week: Discounts, Coupons and Promo Codes

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I’m restarting my personal challenge of finding ways to save at least $20 each week.

Using WellSpent to stay within my budgets has helped me better understand how I spend my money. I’m learning to identify where my unplanned expenses tend to go and I’m also learning to foresee the type of spending behavior that leads my family to go over our budgets.

Last week, I was able to save $18 on an online purchase and $15 on an oil change for my car. That makes a total of $33!!! Here's how I did it...

A few months ago, I got a hold of a $20 promo code for If I remember well, I spent a couple of dollars on images and I needed to get another digital goodie so I was able to apply the remaining $18 to my total price tag. Wahoo! :)

A few weeks ago, I picked up a $15 coupon for Jiffy Lube and I put it in the driver’s visor in my car to remind myself to use it the next time I needed an oil change. That time came last week!

Whenever I’m about to buy something online, I typically spend five minutes searching for discount codes. Most of the time, I’m able to find one that saves me at least a couple of bucks. I’m not a coupon hunter but grabbing the promo code and discount coupon helped me achieve my goal of saving at least $20 last week!

I’m really excited to restart on this money saving challenge! What do you do to save a few dollars here and there?

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