Memorable Valentine’s Day For Less Than $20

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Typically, my wife and I have done the cliché gifts and dinner date for Valentine's Day. This gets old and it looses its meaning after a few years of marriage so I thought of doing something completely different this year.

I thought of not only having an entire day focused on my wife, but also my children. On top of this, I have the goal of keeping everything under $20. Let's go over my master plan!

Valentine's Day, not just Valentine's Day Dinner

The plan is to have several activities throughout the day. Here's a simple breakdown of what will go down this Saturday.

A memorable Valentine's Day for less than $20

All these activities involve things we already have and the only items I foresee buying would be the roses and some of the snacks for when my wife and I watch a movie that night. I could go for some mini ice-cream tubs. You know, the personal 99¢ ones. Or perhaps some fresh strawberries and a couple of chocolate bars.

I'm excited to try out this new Valentine's Day plan! I know that spending time with my family will create more lasting memories than spending money on them.

Why go so cheap on a special day?

The challenge was to create a memorable Valentine's Day for $20 or less. You could certainly do all these things and end the day with dinner reservations for two. It all depends on the size of your budget for this occasion.

In our case, we're closing on our very first house this coming week so we're a bit spent, and I want to make the most of this day without having to spend more than we have right now.

Hopefully, this brief article sparks some additional ideas so you can make memories this Valentine's Day and perhaps start a few family traditions.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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