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Riley C. by Riley C.
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Looking back - Brian and I created WellSpent app because we wanted a tool that would do one simple thing - track our spending. We also wanted to share our spending with our significant other. We tried adding other services to the WellSpent app, but they didn’t do what we wanted. So we created our own sync service. We are calling it WellSpent Sync.

WellSpent Sync is useful for any group wanting to keep track of spending decisions (families, business, whatever). WellSpent Sync will work across multiple device for a small yearly price. To sign up, you simply go to our website or into the WellSpent apps settings. You will create a an account by signing up with an email address and password. After signing up and purchasing our service you are ready to go.

WellSpent Sync has made the app so much more useful. I can enter my spending through out the day and my wife can do the same on her phone. As long as we are signed in into the same WellSpent Sync account on each device, our spending will stay in-sync. Using WellSpent Sync has helped us stay within our budgets, see where our money is going and feel more confident about our spending decisions.

WellSpent Sync is the best feature we’ve added to the app. We hope you will give it a try and let us know what you think. We are confident it will help you keep your money WellSpent.

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WellSpent will be available soon in the iPhone App Store.

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