How We Spent $40 Less In Groceries Last Week

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My family and I have been a lot more financially minded since we started using WellSpent. Even though, we’re not the most savvy spenders, we do our best to manage our money responsibly.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I decided to come up with different ways to save or better spend $20 or more every week. We’ll be sharing our victories and failures with you from now on.

The first thing we wanted to try was to trim off some fat from our grocery budget. This was a difficult discussion since we recently upped our grocery budget to accommodate more organic foods. After some brainstorming, we thought that the best approach was to guesstimate how much each of our meals cost in order to see where we could cut back a little.

We averaged our numbers and we came up with the following meal prices for our family of four:

After coming up with these amounts, we figured we could cut back a bit on our dinners. We looked at what we usually eat for dinner and we decided to cut back our meat intake. So we pushed ourselves to think of vegetarian dishes that were less expensive, delicious and filling. We also talked about why all our dinners needed to be so much more costly and complex in comparison to our breakfasts and lunches. We’ll leave our thoughts about that for another post.

Once we came up with different recipes, we came up with our grocery list and shopping we went.

Amazingly enough, cutting back on meat helped us save around $40. Wow! That was double our goal! I know each family is different and maybe not everyone will see the same savings by just cutting meat. However, I’m sure you can find ways to save at least $20 on your groceries next week by taking a closer look at your meal costs.

So we went from eating meat basically everyday at dinner time to eating meat-centered dinners twice a week. It has been a bit difficult for me since I’m the main carnivore in the family. Val, on the other hand, hasn't had any problems since she mostly eats a vegetarian diet anyway. Our two boys haven’t noticed much difference since they typically refuse to eat anything we make for dinner!

We’ll probably keep doing this meat-free dinner approach one or two weeks a month (crazy, I know). This will help us save $40 during those weeks and it will give our bodies a break from eating so much meat! Maybe we can even cut back our meat intake a bit every week and instead use that money to buy more fruit and veggies! I’m starting to sound like Val now...

Anyway, be sure to check back next week! We’ll be sharing another story of how we saved at least $20 per week and how we kept our money WellSpent.

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