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Budgets are hard to stick to. The reason we make budgets is to tame our spending habits. All too often we overspend and go over our budgets. Staying within a budget requires daily commitment and discipline. Here are some suggestions to help stay within a budget:

  1. Keep Receipts: Always ask for a receipt after every transaction made. Put your receipts in your wallet, money clip or some other place that you can access throughout your day.
  2. Record Spending at the End of the Day: At the end of your day, you can go through the receipts you have accumulated. Enter each transaction into your WellSpent iOS app. Once you have entered everything you can file the receipts or throw them away (depending how intense you want to be).
  3. What if you Forget a Day? Some may be asking, what if I forget a day? If you forget to record your spending one day, or maybe even two, it’s not the end of the world. As mentioned in the earlier points, the reason you keep receipts is so you can record your spending later. It’s when you go past one or two days without entering your spending that you run into the danger of going over your budget. As long as you have a consistent habit of recording what you spend, you will be better able to tame your spending habits.
  4. What if You Want to Record your Spending Throughout the Day? If you don’t want to save up all your recipes and enter them at the end of the day, that’s fine. I normally enter my spending into my WellSpent app when I have a free moment (most of the time it’s at the end of the day). You can record your expenses while waiting to pick up the kids from school, after lunch,  or while standing in line.  Any free minute you have is a good time to record your spending.

We’ve made WellSpent because we wanted a simple way to track our spending and to help us stay in budget. These suggestions are merely just what they are, suggestions. Simply having a good strategy to your spending habits will help you stay in budget and make sure that all the money you spend, is money WellSpent.

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