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Exciting news! WellSpent is now available for free in the iTunes App Store! Click the button below to download it now!

We made it folks! We are thrilled to share this moment of happiness with you. After hundreds of hours of work and countless iterations we have our app ready for you to enjoy.

I wanted to give you a little bit of insight into what it took to get us here and what our plans are for the next little while.

A bright idea

Riley and I have been working together for over two years now. We originally started with a different project, and after a year of working on it we decided to shelf it. We did this in order to focus on Riley and Lindsay’s app idea, which was to create a useful and friendly budgeting iPhone app.

About a year ago, Riley decided to put together an early version of WellSpent, which was released to the App Store, and it got a good number of downloads. It wasn't until three months ago, however, that we started chatting about the possibility of taking WellSpent to the next level.

Ready. Set. Go!

A landing page went up and we started building an audience for our project. We also invested a little over three weeks in reviewing designs, flows, and color schemes. We received much needed guidance from Valorie and Lindsay in this area. All the while we focused our efforts on testing different marketing channels through social media and our very own blog.

Our process

If you’re curious, we used an agile approach to take us from an idea to a fully functional budgeting iPhone app. We used Trello to keep our assigned tasks organized from week to week. We also held weekly meetings to go over what got done and what our next steps were. Riley and I also chatted online and held a few other phone calls whenever we needed each other’s feedback. Go team!

Our champion

My hat goes off to Riley who single handedly knocked out all of the engineering and development for WellSpent. As we made progress in the iOS front, we decided to start developing the backend that would power the upcoming sync feature.

Early feedback

During this time, we also started a limited early access program where we had others try out WellSpent. Several friends and family joined us in evaluating what we had crafted so far. We made several improvements based on the feedback we received. 

Thank you to those who participated in this. We couldn’t have made it without your time and input!

WellSpent is ready for sale!

The homestretch is always the hardest. A couple of nights ago I got a text message from Riley that said ‘App is ready for sale!’. I couldn't believe it was happening! We had our budgeting app for sale in the iTunes App Store! Don’t worry, you can download WellSpent for free. The term ‘ready for sale’ is used by Apple in their communication with developers and it means that the app is available for download.

I couldn't stop smiling! What a sweet moment of happiness!

We wouldn't have made it to this point if it weren’t for the endless support from our families. Thank you for your encouragement!

What happens next

Our focus will be in listening to our early customers and in making sure we address issues quickly. We will also be working on WellSpent’s sync feature, which we know will be extremely valuable for our community of savvy spenders.

We will also be rolling out a product website for WellSpent that will replace our product launch site.

Please help us spread the word! We want to make WellSpent the most used budgeting app in the App Store because we know it's the best tool to help you tame your budgets.

If you need any help with the app or if you have any questions or suggestions be sure to send us a message (hello@wellspentapp.com)

As always, may every dollar be a dollar WellSpent!

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WellSpent will be available soon in the iPhone App Store.

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