​Groceries: The Budget Buster

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Your Groceries/Eating Out budget is perhaps the most flexible of all budget categories - it can be trimmed down to the bare bones of rice and beans to save for that cruise, or it can easily go $300 over the set amount, setting the entire month’s budget off track.

Here are my tips for the best way to keep your food budget under wraps:

  1. Keep track of every single expense. It’s really easy to run into a friend and chat over some kombucha, or to end your hectic day with some take out because you just don’t feel like cooking, without ever having recorded that "insignificant" transaction.
  2. Cap your eating out. if you’re single and work full-time, then consider allowing yourself to eat out once a day - breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Calculate how much that ends up being per month and make sure your “Eating Out” budget reflects that total. But remember, the less you eat out the more money you’ll have for a trip to Peru, so...
  3. Plan your meals. This will ensure that you’re not stopping by the store for things you forgot and inadvertently picking up some compulsive items, thus overspending.

We're designing WellSpent to be an easy-to-use budget app that will keep your grocery budget in check. Stay tuned for what's coming next.

Money spent inside of a budget is money WellSpent!

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