​Budgeting and Losing Weight…Ugg!

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So I was thinking about this correlation a while a go and thought that maybe this was a good way to look at budgeting. I am sure many of you have thought at one time or another that you need to lose weight or get healthier in general. We are a society that makes things convent and we sit a lot in the office, so it is a concern for many. We don’t think about it too much until we look in the mirror and think, “how did I get this way?”

Debt it much the same. We live in a society that makes getting into debt all too easy. It is easy to swipe a card and pay the minimum payment each month. However, if you keep doing this you will find yourself overloaded in debt and unhappy.

What does it take to lose weight? You many count calories, restrict certain foods, start exercising or increase your amount of exercise. There are many different things that you can do and when you put them all together, you can usually be pretty successful.

This is the same with budgeting. You may have to restrict certain purchases, count your pennies and figure out the difference between needs and wants. It takes work. It may take more work at first that you are comfortable with. But it will get better.

When you start out with a goal to run a marathon, it might seem impossible. It is a good idea to start with say a 5K. This is the same as in budgeting. Just take small steps. Start with maybe cutting back in one area so you can pay off a small amount of debt. Once you have that figured out set a new goal.

I know when my husband and I just got out of school and both had student loans to pay off it seemed like it would take us forever. It was a miserable thought. But start small and focus on your smallest amount first. Once you pay that off, move on. It gets smaller and smaller and you feel better and better.

Life is really all about looking to the future. Envisioning where you want to be in a few months, a year, 5 years, etc. Whether it is weight loss, or budgeting, it may get hard from day to day. It may start out as something that is really hard, and there are times when you will want to give up. Just keep thinking about where you want to be. Learn to be satisfied with the day to day and understand that those day to day choices will get you to where you want to be. You just have to keep going with it! You can do it, and will feel so much better when you do! 

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